what a friggen learning curve!

Well, here I am on a blog website and truly don’t even know what we’re all about. Troublesome, tiring and confusing time in my life. My kids are grown, wonderful and fiercly independant. And suddenly I find myself in this space…what now? Where to from here? I’m skimming over the rough bits, i made loads bad choices, very lucky kids had a large loving whanau on their dads side. Was a big part of what I fell in love with! Christmas was always happy day, a little decadent and all about family, especially the kids…particularly special for me as my grandad died on Xmas eve and my dad is still a missing person. I missed my grandads funeral at the inconsiderate age of 15. By that time I had been kicked out of home, got a job in a lingerie shop, and lived in 12 different places within that year. Not a nice place to be. I never and will never forgive myself for missing his funeral. I guess and try to comfort myself with the idea he loved me unconditionally I certainly love him like that and he is here in my heart forever x what a kind gentle man x Arthur Alan Giles


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